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Michael E. Leonard, CMI, FAMI


My work as a medical and scientific visual storyteller creates educational experiences for many people, from patients and laypersons to nurses, general practitioners, researchers, scientists

and surgeons.  


Scientific, biological and medical illustration is a specialized field of study undergoing a renaissance or rebirth in the digital age. Playing major roles are new and emerging imaging technologies providing medical illustrators additional tools to visualize complex anatomic structures and systems. Unchanged is the need to disseminate this complex information in clear visual form. 


The majority of my work is a form of visual communication creatively combining both sight and insight, drawing from our visual legacy, knowledge of anatomic and physiologic content and the needs of the intended audience to create images that instruct, inform, influence and enlighten. The work is often created in collaboration with surgeons to accurately illustrate the anatomy and specific procedures.


I’m drawn to the artistic creations of those who delve deeply into that which lies beneath. To these artists, the structure and function of the subject becomes essential for the representation of forms visible with the eyes. Notable artists in history excelling at this approach are Polykleitus, Filippo Brunelleschi, Leonardo da Vinci, Albrecht Dürer and Max Brödel. As one who visualizes medical and scientific subjects, I feel a connection with these artistic pioneers. This sample of recent and early work pays homage to their artistic achievements and the traditional methods and materials they used, while also embracing new and emerging technologies.

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